Sister Christine's Page


We get food donations from well-wishers.


We make items like uniforms and sell them.



We sell baked snacks such as barns and cakes.



We make rosaries and necklaces which we also sell.


 Fish pond and Harvested fish



We have a fish pond. When the fish are mature, we will start selling them.  

All of these things are done to subsidize whatever you send.

The beautiful Centre with its wonderful facilities was given to us by the Archdiocese of Nairobi to use for empowering the girls.  When people find us in such a magnificent building and wonderful facility, they think we are okay and we don’t need help.  And I thank the diocese for giving us such facility.  I don’t believe in housing the girls in a poor building.  Our facility is to attract donors.  These girls should at least relax in a nice clean facility to experience goodness of God in contrast to where they have come from. 


Baptism Confirmation



This is our story. We hope to continue to save these girls from the slums by empowering them with a good education.


Cardinal Maurice Otunga

Street Girls Empowerment Centre

30th August 2013