Khope International

Our Story

Reaching Children In Need

KHOPE International was the brainchild of Sandy Kain and Michael Schneiders. 

Sandy became involved, with her son Matt, in a home building project in the impoverished village of La Morita, Mexico a colonias of Tijuana. Around the same time, Michael working with the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi, Kenya started the Nairobi Street Kids Project, which evolved into a boarding school for the girls of the slums named “The Cardinal Maurice Otunga Empowerment Center for Girl (CMO). The school began in 2004 with $5,000.00 and 15 girls.

Sandy and Michael realized that for their programs to grow and to be able to assist more children in need, a more formal organization was needed and KHOPE International was born.

KHOPE International’s mission remains the same as it was when they started 13 years ago: To provide financial and hands-on support for the basic needs of children living in poverty regardless of nationality, race, gender, politics or religious affiliations, through direct scholarships or grants to organizations that directly support children.

Recently, the CMO changed their mission and no longer accepts girls that are unable to pay the fees. For that reason, KHOPE is no longer accepting donations on behalf of the CMO.  The founder of the CMO, Sr. Christine Manguti, has retired and is doing a study to determine the feasibility of starting a new school in the Massai lands outside of Nairobi. The KHOPE board is anxious to support Sr. Christine in this new venture.

KHOPE continues to support children with grants to organizations around the world; including in Haiti, the Philippines and Mexico. KHOPE, working through also facilitates micro-loans to impoverished families in over 60 different countries.  The micro-loans are made to families who want to start or build a small business to make the lives of their children much better than their own.

KHOPE has also supported families in need in our home community. To date KHOPE has donated over $15,000 to support various projects here in American Canyon, as well as providing scholarships to students that otherwise would find it financially difficult to attend college.

The current members of the KHOPE Board of Directors are passionate, dedicated leaders of the community who are committed to making a difference all over the world.  They continue to seek new ways to help children locally and around the world.

KHOPE does not issue grants to any reqifting organizations so they can guarantee that your support reaches the children they serve.

Board of Directors

  • Joe Nabrynski:  Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
  • Sandy Kain:  Chief Financial Officer and Board Director
  • Julie Douglas:  Secretary and Board Director
  • Kevin Kain:  Board Director
  • Betty Lorenz:  Board Director
  • Nancy Nabrynski:  Board Director
  • Teri Urrutia:  Board Director

IRS Determination Letter

KHOPE International is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable foundation.